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Stress Relief for Educators

Stress Relief for Educators


10 Relaxing Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

Get 10 homemade bubble bath recipes that you can make at home, and start including bubble baths in your regular relaxation routine.

The only way to keep on keeping on is to take some time for yourself. And it has to be quality time — not, “I’ll just look at Facebook for five minutes.” This week’s answer to taking care of you is a good, long, meditative soak. You can totally DIY it — find your perfect bubble bath recipe here.

staff room podcast

Three Enlightened Minutes – The Staffroom Podcast by The Counter Narrative: Changing the Way We Talk (and think) About Education | A podcast on Anchor

This episode covers my “Three Enlightened Minutes” for The Staffroom Podcast hosted by Chey and Pav out of Toronto. In it, I discuss moving beyond hashtags, or shifting from discussion to action. With the COVID-19 outbreak, so many educators are discussing needed changes but this is the ideal time to put things into place… and not just temporarily. Take a listen and let me know what you think.