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Social Emotional Learning Resources

Social Emotional Learning Resources

One of the most important skills we can foster in young children is the development of positive self-esteem. A sure way to do this is by showing children how to recognize the good feelings that come from within when they accomplish or create something, or how to rely on intrinsic (versus extrinsic) motivation. Intrinsic motivation inevitably leads to healthy self-esteeem.

Click HERE for 20 ways you can praise children without saying "good job" every time.

Center for Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Problem solving solutions kit (Look for the solutions kit.)

I Can Be a Super Friend printable book

What do we do in Circle Time printable book


Video showing how to use the Problem solving solutions kit

Video showing how to teach Problem Solving of turn taking during center time (Receiving a Super Friend award)

Video demonstrating STOP and GO RULE

Video demonstrating teaching classroom rules

Video demonstrating clean up learning centers with a timer


Helping Kids Manage Feelings and Emotions

Use this unit to teach students to recognize their feelings and emotions and learn to manage their moods.

The lessons are designed for K-2nd grade. However, after looking at them, they could be used in prekindergarten classrooms.

This unit includes five lessons to teach students about feelings and emotions. These lessons will help you to create a caring classroom environment filled with thoughtful students who support and encourage each other. Featured within the unit are videos, printables, and slideshows to share with your students as well as several helpful teacher tips to guide your instruction.

Discipline Tips | Conscious Discipline

This website page provides tips and techniques to help with common challenging behavios, temper tantrums, biting, difficult situations.

Click here to open document in a new tab.

Click here to open document in a new tab.

Create a “Kindness Tree” | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Show your child how kindness grows by creating a “Kindness Tree” to hang on the wall. This paper treee creates a visual rreminder of the ways your child is kind every day.