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The RECESS Grant is a federal grant designed to increase targeted early childhood technical assistance for children birth - five years.

Recess Grant

RECESS Grant Initiative #1 Objectives

  1. Family Engagement

  2. Professional Development

  3. Coaching

  4. Student Assessment

Family Engagement

Family Engagement

We strive to increase parents' access to research-based parenting programs in LEAs and early learning centers.

Professional Development

Professional Development

We strive to provide targeted high-quality professional development opportunities for educators.

Learning Knowledge Experience Skills Ability Competence Growth Training


We strive to train teachers as peer coaches. This is a sustainable model that allows teachers to collaborate and grow in their practice to increase student progress.


Student Assessment

We strive to provide technical assistance in the area of student assessment.

Please let us know how we can support you. Contact me with any questions you may have.

Judith Lee

RECESS Grant Program Coordinator

Region 5 Education Service Center, where Educational Professionals Serve Educational Professionals.