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Science & Engineering Activities

Science Activities with Preschoolers

Science is a magical thing. It is best enjoyed when it is child-led and hands-on, which is pretty essential when working with preschoolers! Preschoolers love to be involved, even in the simplest ways. Incorporating science activities from a young age helps children learn that failure is part of the process and it’s perfectly ok. When you do get it right, especially after many tries, it is all the more incredible! We sure hope these preschool science activities help your preschoolers learn to love science and all the magic that lies within.

Beautiful spring days call out for bubbles, but no need to stock up on bottles of the stuff — just make your own, including the wand! This sweet ‘big guy’ shows you how.

letter stars

Twinkle Twinkle Letter Stars | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Astronomers, the scientists who study stars, have divided the night sky into 88 official constellations. A “constellation” is a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern when viewed from Earth. Now you can create constellations in your home – while also teaching alphabet skills!

Learn a Lot About Science

Learn a Lot About Science: Simple Activities for Kids | Parenting Tips & Advice | PBS KIDS for Parents

Children don't need fancy lab equipment to explore science — they just need the curiosity of The Cat and his friends... and perhaps a little guidance from a trusted adult.

Dive into Dinosaurs! | PBS KIDS for Parents

Explore parent resources to help you raise kind, curious and resilient children. Find parenting tips, hands-on activities, games, apps and more.

edible slime

Cook Up Some Edible Slime | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Explore the properties of different ingredients and how they can transform while creating tasty (and safe!) edible slime.

silly putty

Two Ingredient Silly Putty | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Silly Putty was an accidental invention during the second World War. This rubber-like substance will mold into millions of shapes and even bounce! Make your own using only two household supplies for a project that’s also a great chemistry or history lesson!


How to Make Oobleck | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Making oobleck is a great science and sensory project combined into one. After combining cornstarch and water, dip your hands into this non-Newtonian fluid, fluid that acts like a solid and a liquid at the same time.

Making and using Oobleck is a great outside or in the kitchen activity. It is our favorite version of "clean mud". For more fun, add pretend bugs or other small toys to use in the "mud". This activity cleans up very easily.

Children learn about the properties of a solid and a liquid. Because it acts like a solid when it is still. However, when you touch and grab it, it acts like a liquid.

In addition, it is a great calming activity for children.


Make Homemade Butter | Recipes for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

You butter believe this activity is a chemistry in disguise! Cream is one of the most versatile ingredients ised in cooking because of the many forms it can take. ou can pour cream in  coffee, add whipped cream to deserts, churn cream into ice cream or, you guessed it, butter!


Make a Bottle Thermometer | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

The weather affects our daily lives. We need to think about the weather when we are choosing clothes to wear, activities to do and how we can get from place to place. In this activity, you and your child will build a weather took – a simple thermometer that can tell you whether it is warmer or cooler than when you last read it.