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Active Play: An Essential Element | Hatch


CIRCLE Activity Collection: Family | CLI Engage

CLI Engage CIRCLE Activity Collection: Family is free access to lessons designed for family engagement activites. Lessons are in Spanish and English.


home engagement

5 Great Home Engagement Ideas


Kids TV 123


Songs for children. Kids songs. Educational songs and videos for children, toddlers and babies. KidsTV123 addresses emergent literacy and math concepts for young children through short, engaging videos of songs. The playlist includes songs that touch on such topics as letter recognition, phonics, number recognition, color and shape recognition, transportation, animal sounds, and so much more. Kids love the simple animation and soothing vocals.


12 types of play

12 Types of Play Infographic - Famlii

The 12 Types of Play Infographic depicts how play evolves as children grow, how social development is linked with play, and the important role parents have in supporting children’s learning through play.


father and daughter prop box ideas

10 Prop Box Ideas: Mini Learning Centers at Home

HomeOur Work / For Families / Articles for Families on Play / 10 Prop Box Ideas: Mini Learning Centers at Home

by Laura J. Colker

Many preschool classrooms include learning centers (for example, a writing center, a science center, a water table) where children use hands-on materials to explore, play, and learn about specific topics. Bring the spirit of learning centers into your home with prop boxes—plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes you fill with materials and props related to one topic, such as math or writing.


Household Chores for Every Age | PBS Kids


How much screen time is beneficial for children ages birth to 5 years old? | HiMama Blog

This blog article provides information on the AMA recommendations. In addition, it defines active screentime vs. passive screentime.


Student group photo

HighScope At Home | How to continue early childhood education

Free resources, activities, and strategies for teachers and families to continue young children’s early edcation at home.



Bathtub Paint for Kids | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Make bath time a fun time with this super easy and stain-free bathtub paint recipe!


refrigerator calendar

Plan Ahead With a Refrigerator Calendar | Crafts for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

Executive functioning is set of processes that allow us to manage ourselves to achieve a goal. This includes the ability to pay attention, organize activities and stay focused to complete tasks. Whether to finish homework or to complete a chore, these skills prepare children to flourish down the road. Outside the structure of the school day, children may need extra encouragement or structure to work on these skills. Taking the time to sit with your child and create a calendar like this one allows children to start building independence, look ahead and develop a sense of responsibility for the future.


From Humpty Dumpty to Baa Baa Black Sheep, Dr. Jean demonstrates some of the classic nursery rhymes


Khan Academy Kids

How to use Khan Academy Kids for remote learning

We know many schools and families are making plans to be prepared for adjustments in their daily routine due to concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you are seeking options for remote lear...


Printable Activities for Parents and Teachers | Khan Academy Kids

We’ve heard from our users that many of you are quickly transitioning to full-time homeschooling. We’d like to help by providing daily at-home activities that you can complete with your child. These printable packets are provided free at the Kahn Academy website. These printable worksheets focus on different educational subjects for young children. Many activities include a cover page with directions and suggestions for making the activity easier or more difficult.

This is a link from a Khan Academy You Tube video with helpful tips for parents to use in remote learning situations.


This is a link to Khan Academy you tube videos for a prekindergarten virtual Circle Time. Join it for stories and activities weekday mornings with Caroline, Sophie, and friends.